Our mains-independent battery solutions not only round off our portfolio in terms of functionality and flexibility, but also direct our attention further towards environmental protection.
Our rechargable lithium-ion batteries have the advantage that they have a much longer life span than batteries and therefore produce significantly less waste.

They can be retrofitted in various areas, be it the recliner armchair, where you want to avoid unsightly tripping hazards and thus replace the mains cable with a built-in rechargeable battery, or the care bed, in which you can lie in a flexible position and still be more comfortable than if you were tied to a power outlet.

Our battery solutions, which can be flexibly inserted between the limoss components, offer the greatest possible retrofitting effect with maximum storage possibilities due to the small installation dimensions.

Our exchangeable battery systems with a separate charging tray, which can be installed underneath or integrated into the upholstery, round off your individual interior. The separate charging tray makes it easy to remove and charge the batteries, even if they are installed underneath the surface. Our battery solutions, which can be integrated directly into the upholstery, offer the maximum fusion effect that a piece of furniture has ever experienced. Turn, click, done - a battery has never been more accessible.

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