Use in recliners, sofas and beds:

Everything you need to relax.

Upholstered furniture

Furniture is created from quality, comfort and design. But it is above all the inner values that make upholstered furniture incomparably comfortable.

Equipped with our quality actuators, which allow infinitely variable adjustment of the upholstered furniture, an armchair becomes an oasis of relaxation, which invites you to dream. Or a stand-up assistance, which allows you to stand up comfortably and safely even in the golden years. Joy of life, which you can see and feel.


If you have the choice, you have it nice. Equipped with our actuators, every sleep becomes an experience, variably adapted to the daily needs. Being able to choose the position in which you can best rest at any moment is a reason to dream. No more having to assume uncomfortable positions when you want to read a good book or watch TV while sitting in bed.

What can we do for you?

Whether for single or double drives, manual switches, wireless switches, controls or accessories - we will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right components for the respective requirements and develop the right system for your project.