Interzum Guangzhou Award 2023

Award winning limoss eco hand control HC3100 is the new innovation in our branch.

We are proud to announce the winning of the interzum Guangzhou Award in the category “Outstanding Furniture Accessories 2023”.

Battery free technology and a timeless design characterize our newest invention in the “limoss eco” family. Our hand control can be operated without any use of batteries or rechargeable batteries and this over the entire product life. At the same time, with our HC3100, we have achieved a compact design that allows easy handling.

The HC3100, with a choice of two or four buttons for single- and dual-motor systems, is perfectly suitable for upholstered and bedding furniture. Also in many other furniture solutions, the hand control is a real eye-catcher.

Launching limoss eco products, more eco friendly production processes and company buildings step by step, is an important part of understanding that we live in a sensitive ecological system that has to be protected.

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