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We put together perfectly matched sets for actuator solutions and support you in the planning, implementation and design of your projects.

From the appropriate actuator and motor controls with appropriate cabling and programming to modern and innovative hand controls, we supply all the components that set your products in motion. Individually or pre-assembled and trained, whether for care beds, functional upholstered furniture, cinema seating or a piece of furniture - limoss sets are the right decision for every application.

News & Highlights

Antimicrobial hand control

We break new ground in surface treatment! We want to take a new direction with selected hand controls from our range with an antimicrobial surface. By adding silver ions during production, we have succeeded in making our material resistant to a wide range of microorganisms. Furthermore, the product has a large spectrum of antimicrobial properties. During the development we paid special attention to the safety of the human body and also the environment. limoss hand controls with an antimicrobial surface are the perfect solution for a wide range of applications for example in the furniture industry, care sector or for cinema equipment.


In order to fullfill the steady market trends we devolped our new double actuator MD202. Larger and stronger than anything previously known on the market, the actuator provides a push force up to 10.000 N. Our double actuator is designed for box-spring beds or similar systems where extra stability and strength is required. The MD202 is available in different versions – either with a wired or a wireless hand control or with the option to install additional modules like emergency lowering or underbed lighting. Furthermore, the modular design of the MD202 makes it possible to give the finished actuator a particularly high degree of flexibility. The control box and the stroke adjustment clips can easily be exchanged, if a different stroke or a different function is required. The actuator unit as well as the matching control boxes and adjustments clips can be ordered separateley. We offer you a variety of possibilities!

Wireless charger

Lying on the table or fully integrated into the furniture - the Wireless Charger convinces with its visual elegance and ultimate comfort. No matter which Smartphone you own, our Wireless Charger is compatible with any technically prepared Smartphone. Simply place it on the charging station and the battery is charged. Unpleasant cable tangle is a thing of the past!

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With our many years of experience in the fields of mechanics, electronics, software development and drive technology as well as a high degree of willingness to innovate, we have been a valuable and long-term partner for many companies for 15 years.

You too can benefit from the high quality of our products and our competent advice in the planning, development and design processes.

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Whether for single or double drives, manual switches, wireless switches, controls or accessories - we will be happy to advise you on the selection of the right components for the respective requirements and develop the right system for your project.